Allan W. Anderson
July 18, 1922 - March 11, 2013


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Published Work

At present, new volumes of Dr. Anderson's work and a CD are available. Find out about them here...

Your Contributions

We hope you will contribute to this website. We would like to make many things relating to Dr. Anderson's work available including: class notes, book lists for the classes, final exam questions, also your personal remembrances, photos, etc. It will take us a while to make these materials available, but please let us know about any materials you would like to share and we will do the best we can to make them available. Suggestions are always welcome! Click here to contact us.

SDSU Library Special Collections

We are delighted to report that the San Diego State University Library has established a Special Collection to document Dr. Anderson's life and work. If you have materials you think might be relevant to the collection, we urge you to contact us. Please think about preserving your audio tapes, personal correspondence, any class papers that he annotated, and other materials.