About Allan W. Anderson

This website is intended to make the work of Professor Emeritus Allan W. Anderson available to a wider audience. Professor Anderson received his Ph.D. in Philosophy and Comparative Religion from Columbia University with Union Theological Seminary. He lectured on the Oracular at the University of California, San Diego and the University of Colorado during his 25 year tenure in the Philosophy and Religious Studies departments at San Diego State University. In 1970 he received an award for distinguished teaching from the State of California. He published articles and books on the I Ching and presented numerous papers at professional academic conferences on the nature of and interrelation between religion, spirituality and the oracular. He has also become well known for his series of 18 dialogues with Krishnamurti available on DVD and transcribed in A Wholly Different Way of Living.

George Santayana once commented that, "The concept of Spirit does not interest me, except as a technicality; it is the life of Spirit that I'm talking about. . ." And so too with Professor Anderson whose books are written precisely for the one engaging the life of Spirit. Throughout his career, Professor Anderson tirelessly explored and shared his understanding of the Perennial or Wisdom Tradition whose essential features remain the same in every classical religion regardless of culture.

Accomplished academically his soul was that of a poet, his pen and mind happiest in verse.