Book Lists

While there are extensive bibliographies in each of Professor Anderson's published books, this page gives a starter list of the books that he referred to regularly. Please contribute!

We would also very much appreciate getting the book lists from each of his classes. If you were an SDSU student, you probably remember his amazing class book lists! We are speaking of the ancient times before the Internet, before, a time when there were no intertubes to speed books right to your mailbox, much less to your phone or e-reader. Aztec Shops used to publish a flimsy little booklet on a given day before classes started with the required and optional books for each class. While most professors listed only one or two books per class, Dr. Anderson would have 10 or more. The bookstore never seemed to plan for the fact that half of San Diego would to swoop in the day the class book list was published and buy all the books on Dr. Anderson's class lists, leaving the shelves empty for the registered students. We would like to offer those book lists here so that the other half of San Diego and the rest of the world can have access to them! Please share any you have!

Please note the book titles below are linked to, and note that there can be many different editions of some titles.