Published Work

At present, several volumes of Professor Anderson's work as well as audio and video recordings are available.

This is the most recent volume of Professor Anderson's work. It consists of two short books, The Owl and the Pussycat: Plain Talk on Self Change and Self-Awakening: The Myth of the Fall Revisited. Read about it here.

This is a children's poetry book beautifully illustrated by Leslie Rhea Lewis. Learn more about it here. Professor Anderson also made a wonderful recording of the poems (you may remember how he loved to recite poetry!!) which is available here where you also find a short video of him reading one of the poems..

This is the manual Professor Anderson wrote to replace the Exegetical Manual. It teaches spiritual self-inquiry, providing a practical way of discovering how one may come to live in accord with Ultimacy and fulfill one's own destiny. Read more about these volumes here, and purchase links are below as well. (Note that versions of Kindle for desktop computers are available from at no charge, no Kindle device is needed.)

This volume consists of a collection of Professor Anderson's papers on the I Ching along with a transcription of a fascinating lecture series on the topic "A Christian looks at the I Ching." Read more here.

This book consists of collected writings, talks and classroom discussions Professor Anderson gave on Krishnamurti. Read more here.

A Wholly Different Way of Living
This volume consists of transcripts of the 18 one-hour dialogues Professor Anderson conducted with Krishnamurti in 1974. The DVDs of these amazing conversations are available through the Krishnamurti bookstore.

More books and recordings are in progress...
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The Hidden Wisdom of Fairytales, Parables and Myths here

Songs from the Mifflinger Sea and a little cove of Nonsense Hardcover with beautiful glossy pages: here
Songs from the Mifflinger Sea Softcover: here
Songs from the Mifflinger Sea Recording: here

Self Transformation and the Oracular Volume I: here
Self Transformation and the Oracular Volume II (Kindle): here

Reflections on the I Ching: here

On Krishnamurti's Teachings: here

A Wholly Different Way of Living book: here
A Wholly Different Way of Living DVDs: here