Please use the contact link (above) to tell us about typos in any of Professor Anderson’s books. We will list corrections on this page, please let us know if it is OK to list your name here as well.

Lest you think typos are boring, lists of some hilarious typos we caught before the books were published follow the corrections...

We are indebted to Matthew Wasyliw for the list of corrections in Reflections.

Reflections on the I Ching

42last “operates mere subtly” should be “more”
14926“a cosmos a circle” missing comma between “cosmos” and “a”
151123“we worship God who choses” should be “chooses”
1543 11“the Kingdom of Heaven isn’t there it isn’t here” missing comma between “there” and “it”
172last8“On the one hand, we ___ told plainly...” missing “are”
17316 “17th and 18th” the “th” should be a superscript for consistency
1772 6 “this brings me to something ____ seems” missing the word “that”
183lastlastextra “and”

Self Transformation and the Oracular

xxii22 “con-fuse” should be “confuse”

OK, now the promised errors we caught before publication. Professor Anderson's books were produced from a variety of materials including old handwritten notes, creased and foxed typewritten pages, faded mimeographed pages, old printed material from bulletins, etc. To make the data entry as efficient as possible, we typed the material if we had to, but used OCR (optical character recognition) software and Dragon speech recognition software whenever possible. There were funny typos in the original materials, and both the OCR and Dragon introduced a lot more. To be fair, the original documents were hardly pristine so that severely limited the OCR’s ability to interpret them. Poor old Dragon had to contend with my voice and it did a remarkable though hardly perfect job. I added a few editorial comments in square brackets below to clarify certain points. Professor Anderson found these typos hilarious and we hope you find them amusing too...

Typing is Hard

A Christina looks at the I Ching
Obaying [what a dog does?]
Jacob wrestled with the angle*
Think of the title, Before Completion, where it is, that is to say, where it occurs in the Berries of hexagrams
there are other trees that bear apples, oranges, and bears.

*One day Professor Anderson and I were walking near his home and we saw a large new building under construction. The design was quite peculiar, with oddly shaped angular rooms jutting out of it. We concluded that the architect had struggled with the angle and lost.


OCR Befuddlement

the wok of Changes
Bright action
English pots @BOGS at least two common a synonyms for…
if not pewee neglect
the whole flu= of coming-to-be and…
of talty while fining in end of =reel quite
It is rather gnat by acting modestly one grasps god character and makes it his own.
Let us examine briefly how this visionary concept stances Emma
and remotes in him that fear
And narks the limits
in sumo olympian balloon
t should taco v t within his hind and
fate’s mindless curse
On this, the Easter said, ha did not really love bey.
The translator notes, ‘Hen fail to attain. Goodness bee they d not care for it sufficiently’
celebrated vex gas
their perfect ork
The gods are riot only personifications of natural powers


Speech Recognition -- Can robots think?

…it is what bes that has a mullet.
He was a cancer to the seekers’ prayer.
Be concerned in breasts and debts and entertain some balance. [Ahem! That’s “breadth and depth”]
if we undertake this study Krishnamurti Scott adequately.
Dallas thought [‘Taoist’!]
one’s own Caprice [It always capitalized ‘Caprice,’ it must have thought we were discussing cars]
bureaucratic confusions [‘Confucians’]
enjoying or suffering are boats
The men I chase tales of my thoughts
He’s not saying there is no such thing as gross
the primary task of a profit
Don’t Babylon.
When disease overcomes us, the organism parishes.
choice is freeware [‘choiceless awareness’]
Bowles of spaghetti
Why should I be questioned Mark [you have to speak the punctuation ... ]
How can the intellect relate to Mr.?
Trevor Little carefully around it
If I do the other dying, there’s something absolute about the incident in which it occurs. [‘instant’]
In the 60s young people got the idea that they would created out of whole clock
On the other hand, the human condition, the library is bulging with Tom.


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