The Hidden Wisdom of Fairytales, Parables and Myths

Reflections on Self-Cultivation

This is the fifth in a series of books by Professor Allan W. Anderson. With the apparent exception of Songs from the Mifflinger Sea and a little cove of Nonsense, which is a beautifully animated original collection of so-called nonsense poetry, all of Professor Anderson's works are philosophical meditations on the knack of self-cultivation.

In this volume, we find Professor Anderson applying his gift for contemplative inquiry to a classic fairytale, to Biblical stories and parables, and enriching the study with references to the wisdom of other traditions as well. For Professor Anderson, the objects and events within these stories all lend themselves to an objective, transcendent meaning and are instruments of revelation into both the human condition and the divine – human relation.

The image below shows a few quotes which you may find of interest. They appear on the dustcover flaps of the hardcover edition.

The Hidden Wisdom of Fairytales... is available here.